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We have made choosing easy for you. Just take our quiz, which generates tailored product recommendations.

The recommendations are based on several years of experience of our products and feedback we have received.

How to Choose Niki Newd skin care products

Please note Niki Newd products are:

  • full of potent nutrients chosen based on performance, freshness and quality, and therefore you do not need to fill your cabinet with many different jars.
  • designed to nourish every inch of your skin, and therefore we do not have separate night, day, eye creams etc. You will be amazed of how few products you need!

If you do not want to take the quiz, all you need is a minimum of two products:

  • Oatmeal Soap for cleansing. Oatmeal Soap gently cleanses your skin and removes make-up - while you can enjoy the nurturing, naturally antioxidative and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Just one of cream, balm or oil serum for moisturizing, nurturing and protecting the skin. Our 15 g jar or 10 ml of product lasts in our experience for 1-1.5 months when applied daily onto the face and décolleté.
  • Add new products to your Niki Newd routine whenever your skin craves to indulge in something new!

    You can always send us a message and ask for our free consultation via e-mail or a phone call.