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Fresh Skin Care

I am often asked how we differ from natural skin care or traditional skin care brands.

I usually answer by asking counter-questions. Do you want to eat canned food or fresh food? Do you want to know what you put in your mouth or who grew your vegetables? And do you want to avoid additives and preservatives? Do you want versatile nutrition? What about microbiome? If your answer is that you want to eat fresh nutritious food made from traceable ingredients without additives or fillers, then I think Niki Newd is for you.

As for the original question, the answer is that we have taken natural skin care to a whole new level and all the following criteria are met in our product line.

  • All products are made fresh in small batches. We do not mass produce our products and store them in warehouses, and we do not share recipes with others.
  • We prefer food-grade ingredients instead of cosmetic-grade ingredients – cosmetic-grade ingredients, even if they are organic, are not suitable for eating.
  • We do not add preservatives or alcohol to our products - we want to support the skin's own microbiome.
  • All our ingredients are 100% traceable - you know what you are putting on your skin.

In many other product lines, only some of the criteria mentioned above are met. We fulfill them all. We are a niche product line and we don't even try to be like the others.

Niki Newd is a lifestyle where we want to enjoy skin care products that are fresh, traceable and nutrient-rich, just like the food we eat. For us, organic quality, fair trade, sustainability and science have been basic things that everyone should follow. But how many skin care brands produce their products like us; fresh and traceable from gourmet ingredients without preservatives? Well, we do, and that’s the secret behind our products and their effectiveness.

Bon appetite!

Love, Kirsi