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NIKI NEWD Spa concept for professionals


Niki Newd has launched a unique concept for beauty salons and spas - “Nordic tasting menu for the skin”. Niki Newd facial and body treatments are holistic treatments that pamper the skin, mind and senses with complete naturalness, freshness, richness of nutrition and the professionalism of a therapist.
A luxurious menu of Niki Newd is customized for each spa and beauty salon using Niki Newd consumer and professional products. We are therefore able to perfectly meet the need of our clients to receive truly natural treatments where there is no need to compromise on the results.

Spa by Niki Newd

How is our treatment different from traditional treatments offered by a spa or beautician?

The freshness and naturalness of Niki Newd's products used in professional treatments have been taken to the next level. For example, some elements of Niki Newd treatments are made during or just before treatment. In addition, the products used in the treatments are made to order for each spa and salon to offer unique freshness and effectiveness.

The aroma of the treatments is mild and delicious, and the compositions of the products are soft, gentle and authentic. The products are made from blends of exclusive natural ingredients offering exceptional freshness and naturalness.

The treatments are also unique because no additives or fragrances are added to them. We have received a lot of praise for the fact that our treatments are well-suited even for the most fragrance sensitive customers.

Spa by Niki Newd

What is the secret of our treatments?

As with nutrition, the effectiveness of our treatments is based on freshness and nutritional richness. We have strived to build our products and treatments so that your skin receives a complete range of skin-care nutrients that have been scientifically proven to be effective and caring. And most importantly, the treatments are done by a professional according to the individual needs of your skin.


Join our family of pioneers.
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