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Skin Cream 30G

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Pioneering & uniquely moisturizing vitamin C cream with Finnish sea buckthorn oil.

Skin Cream is re-writing the history of moisturizing creams. We want to support the skin's own microbiome. 

Skin feel

medium-rich in consistency, hydrating, nourishing, radiant
Suited to
all skin types, dryness, dullness, loss of elasticity, fine lines, unisex, works beautifully also around eyes

Good to know

Niki Newd® Skin Cream is re-writing the history of moisturizing creams. When a cream contains water (aqua), it is usually preserved with alcohol and preservatives. However, using those in our products is against our fundamental values. We want to support the skin's own microbiome. Therefore we have decided to solve the matter differently - we store the moisturizer in the fridge instead of room temperature. How cool, genius and simple is that? Just like freshly squeezed orange juice!

yellowish shimmer from sea buckthorn oil
aromatic, fresh, zesty
Want to know more?
Skin Cream is a gourmet blend of antioxidants and nurturing components: vitamin C, vitamin E, pre-retinol beta-carotene, flavonoids and omega -3, -6, -7 and -9 fatty acids, leaving the skin with an extraordinarily refreshed and soft feel! 
Vitamin C inhibits the oxidation of cell tissues by reacting with free radicals. Many enzymatic reactions, like synthesis of collagen, require the presence of vitamin C. Vitamin C has been discovered to inhibit the visible signs of aging skin, hyperpigmentation, and erythema caused by UV-radiation. 

Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, shields skin from harmful free radicals that attack proteins like collagen.
Omega-3 and omega 6-fatty acids help skin retain moisture. Alpha-linolenic acid has been observed to lighten skin damaged by hyperpigmentation. Omega-7 fatty acids are antimicrobial and inhibit the synthesis of the pigment molecule melanin. 

Beta-carotene transforms into retinol by enzymes in the skin.


Morning and evening, warm and mix between your hands and apply with rotating movements onto cleansed face, concentrating on dry skin areas. Works beautifully also around eyes. 

desired amount
recommended to use within 2 months after manufacturing 


Niki Newd® Skin Cream is freshly blended– enjoy!

  • GRAPESEED OIL (food grade)
  • SPRING WATER (from Lapland)
  • BEESWAX (locally produced, unbleached)
  • VITAMIN C (freshly mixed, food grade)
  • SEA BUCKTHORN OIL (Arctic, cold pressed, food grade)
  • VITAMIN E (food grade, mixed tocopherols)
  • nothing else

Full traceability, all ingredients have been hand-picked from sustainable producers.

INCI: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Water, Cera Flava, Ascorbic Acid, Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil, Tocopherol

Vitamin C Cream │ Niki Newd®
Skin Cream 30G Sale price105.00 €


These are the only products for my atopic skin that really work and support even in difficult times. I use Oat Meal Soap, Skin Velvet and Skin Silk alternately, and Skin Cream, which is absolutely insane.

Kia -30

I am Happy…my skin also! Your products (Skin Cream, Skin Mist, Skin Silk & Oat Meal Soap) are really fantastic! In a so short time I'm seeing great results with my acne. Personally I really love them.

Laura -52

Skin Cream is the best, like taking a fresh vitamin C shot.

Kari -60

I love Skin Cream! The skin feels wonderful and you can feel the spring water drops. Highly recommended.

Reetta -40

Skin Cream has a wonderful scent of seabuckthorn oil, it absorbs well and leaves the skin looking beautiful. 

Frida -32


We compared our own product to other skin care products containing vitamin C. We repeated the apple slice test created by Dermatologist Zion Ko Lamm.

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