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LED Therapy

Give your skin a wonderful treatment that combines science and beauty. LED light therapy is effective from the very first session, restoring your skin's vitality and giving it a healthy glow. 
Led therapy is non-invasive treatment. The LED device we use has obtained a medical CE certificate.
With a series of treatments, you can achieve the best possible and long-lasting results. LED light therapy is recommended as a series of approximately 2-10 treatments. Our professionals will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Series of treatments are available at Niki Newd Beauty Studio.

Anna ihollesi upea hoito, joka yhdistää tiedettä ja kauneutta. LED-valohoito on tehokas jo ensimmäisestä kerrasta lähtien, palauttaen ihon elinvoiman ja tuoden sille terveen hehkun. Sarjahoidolla voit saavuttaa parhaat mahdolliset ja pitkäkestoiset tulokset.

LED -valohoito on ei-invasiivinen hoito. LED-laite, jota käytämme hoidossamme, on saanut lääketieteellisen CE-sertifikaatin.

LED -valohoitoa suositellaan sarjahoitona noin 2-10 kertaa. Ammattilaisemme laatii hoito-ohjelman juuri sinun tarpeisiisi sopivaksi. Sarjahoidot ovat saatavilla Niki Newd Beauty Studiolta.

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Niki Nwd Skin MaskNiki Newd Skin Honey
Niki Newd Facial & LED therapy 75min

All skin types, anti-age, holistic

Sale price155.00 €
Niki Newd LED TherapyNiki Newd Oat meal foam
LED therapy treatment & Mini facial 45min

All skin types, customized

Sale price95.00 €
Niki Newd Skin HoneyNiki Newd Oat meal foam
Niki Newd Purifying Facial 75min

All skin types, customized

Sale price155.00 €

Niki Newd


”The standout for us was The Niki Newd Facial treatment. In just 75 minutes it promises to reset your skin and senses with a peel made from locally produced Finnish forest honey and a Spruce Sprout mask.”

"Before the treatment, my skin was dry on the surface and especially my forehead was disgustingly irritated and bumpy. After the treatment, the unevenness of the forehead is gone! The skin on my face is really soft afterwards..."

"The products felt pleasant on the skin, as did their fragrance. However, the best part was that after the treatment, my face looked so smooth and radiant that I didn't need any makeup. Radiance is often promised, but the promise is rarely fulfilled as well as this."