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Article: Made by Us

Made by Us

Made by Us

Do you want to know who made your skin care product or where it is made and how? We want and can offer you this luxury.

Our own recipes

We are proud that we manufacture all Niki Newd products ourselves in our own laboratory here in Finland. Our products are developed, manufactured, packaged and shipped under the same roof, directly to our customers. We didn't want to outsource our production, which is the most common method in cosmetics, except for big players. We also do not want to share our recipes with others or that our recipes are adapted from recipes used by others. All our recipes and production methods are our own secrets and unique.

Made By Niki Newd  │Our own production

No pre-made bases

What is also particularly important to us and what makes our products unique is that we also do not want our products to contain pre-made bases, or to compromise the uniqueness of our ingredients or freshness due to mass production. So, we mix all our products from start to finish, including our soap. We don't use ready-made soap bases in them either. The best thing is to receive fresh ingredients and use them to create products for you that are fresh and unique, like a wonderful dinner.

Made by Niki Newd  │ No pre-made bases

Our own packaging

Our hand print can also be seen on the packaging. Each product is stickered, stamped and packed by hand for you.

Why we do this? Because we think it's the only right way.

"Made by us" is the heart and soul of our company.

Made by Niki Newd  │ Our own hand print

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