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Article: What is Fresh Skin Care?

What is Fresh Skin Care?

What is Fresh Skin Care?

Niki Newd has created a pioneering new category of skin care products on the market "fresh skin care".

Learn more about the unique concept:

Niki Newd® “fresh skin care” core principles:

  1. Only the finest gourmet ingredients
  2. Nothing extra added
  3. Full traceability – we want you to know what you put on your skin
  4. Freshly handmade

1. Only the Finest Gourmet Ingredients

We believe that the principles applied to healthy food and nutrition should also be applied to skin care. So, when thinking of preparing a wholesome gourmet dinner, what kind of ingredients would you choose? The best ones, of course.

And so would we! Therefore all of our ingredients are of the highest quality - natural, fresh and pure. We also focus on using food grade (edible) quality ingredients, and we’re the first ones to do so!

In comparison, cosmetic grade ingredients are generally leftovers from the food industry; they cannot be processed any further and are no longer suitable for human nutrition.
We favour ingredients that are organic and processed only to the minimum extent –such as premium cold-pressed oils.

We take pride in serving you only the best – “bon appétit”!

2. Nothing Added

If you already use the best ingredients in the world, why add anything extra?

This is why we say ”no”.

  • No additives
  • No alcohol
  • No synthetics
  • No preservatives
  • No added fragrances
  • No colour enhancing ingredients

Our products are 100% pure active ingredients processed to the bare minimum. Simple and effective.

However, active agents, such as vitamins A, C and E break down in time. We recommend using our products within 2-6 months after manufacturing; it is the optimal time to use the products at their very best without the need to add alcohol or preservatives.

Or would you prefer canned food over fresh produce?

3. Full Traceability -We Want You to Know What You Put on Your Skin

Just like a top chef can describe the origin of the ingredients used in a gourmet dish, all of our ingredients are 100% traceable; they have been carefully hand-picked from the best ethical producers and small organic farms around the world. Over 50% of the ingredients come from Nordic countries including Finland, which is famous for its pristine nature.

All ingredients are listed in English - instead of Latin - with honest quality definitions: everything stated straight and clear.

Because we want you to know what you put on your skin.

4. Freshly Handmade and Delivered to You

Think of a glass of freshly pressed orange juice: delicious and high in nutrients. That is our goal.

All of our products are freshly blended using gentle artesan methods in order to protect the natural effectiveness and potency of the nutrients. We manufacture our products freshly in small batches and ship products to customers straight from our laboratory.

We are proud to offer a unique experience of ultra-fresh gourmet skin care.



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